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Sports & leisure

Excitement straight ahead!

Luxembourg has a wealth of exciting sports and leisure activities.

Whether your holidays are dedicated to action or contemplation, there will be something new to discover each day,

from cycling and hiking with friends and family to running, rock climbing and golf.
Choose your sport and let us guide you. Luxembourg’s charming landscapes will delight both the little ones and grown-ups!

Discover sporting and leisure activities in Luxembourg

Walking, jogging, Nordic walking

  • NaturWander – Delux hiking Go hiking across borders on a selection of nine round-trip hiking trails (170 km) taking you along the Sauer and Our through the breath-taking cultural and natural landscapes of the South and North Eifel and Our Natural Reserves.
  • Escarpardenne - Eisleck Trail & Lee Trail These two trails will lead you across the Belgian and Luxembourgish Ardennes. The all new Lee Trail (53 km) goes from Ettelbruck to Kautenbach. From Kautenbach, the Eisleck Leading Quality Trail (104 km) will take you to La-Roche-en-Ardenne (B). The trails are marked in both directions and are divided into 8 stages.
  • Vianden (3 km) ‘Vallée de l’Our’ trail, featuring nine themed stations.
  • Reisdorf (8 km) ‘Promenade du Souvenir’ remembrance trail
  • Stolzembourg (9 km) ‘Route Nat’OUR 4’ thematic trail (14 km)
  • Bettendorf (10 km) Cross-border trail themed on the Battle of the Ardennes. Ettelbruck-Vianden-Echternach
  • Untereisenbach (15 km) ‘Route Nat’OUR 3’ thematic trail (11 km)
  • Ettelbruck (16 km) Four national trails (Victor Hugo, Haute Sûre, Preizerdaul and Adrien Ries)
  • Hoscheid (19 km) Acoustic trail featuring 17 stations enabling hikers to listen to and create music
  • Mullerthal (20 km) Mullerthal Trail (-> 112 km > 38, 37 + 37 km)
  • Larochette (20 km) Meysembourg Castle trail and ‘Nommerlayen’ Roman camp trail (ancient remains)
  • Nommern (21 km) Well-Being Trail, featuring relaxation exercises and psychological guidance (4.3 km, 1.5 walking hours)
  • Consdorf (25 km) ‘Adventure Kuelscheier’ rocky canyon adventure (pocket lamp required)
  • Echternach (26 km) Via Epternacensis cultural trail featuring 15 stages
  • Schlindermanderscheid (26 km) Bunker Trail (15 km) featuring a guided tour of a WW2 bunker
  • Lellingen (29 km) Thematic trails: Oak tree copse trail, Railroad trail, Steeples trail
  • Tintesmühle (33 km) ‘Route Nat’OUR 2’ thematic trail (19 km)
  • Manternach (38 km) Excellence trail: ‘Manternacher Fiels’ dream loop (9.6 km)
  • Weiswampach (39 km) ‘Conzefenn’ nature trail (8 km)
  • Arsdorf (40 km) Nature trail (4.2 km), Sculpture trail (4,5 km), ‘Pure Nature’ trail (1.7 km & 7 km)
  • Lieler / Ouren (41 km) ‘Route Nat’OUR 1’ thematic trail (12 km)
  • Troisvierges (41 km) Smugglers’ trail (9 km), departing from the train station, with an alternative route (12 km) crossing the forest and Belgian border
  • Betzdorf (43 km) ‘Betzder Panoramic Tour’ network of footpaths
  • Hoffelt (45 km) Canal Trail: this cross-border trail tells the story of the unfinished construction works undertaken on the canal between the river Meuse and the river Moselle (14 km). Windmills trail (38 km)
  • Hiking across the country and through the ages
  • Beckerich (45 km) Discovery trail ‘7 + 2 Beckerich windmills’ (on foot or on bicycle) (21 km)
  • Wormeldange (51 km) Ahn wine route (9 km)
  • Bous (61 km) Hiking trail on the history of gypsum quarries

Horse riding

Bicycle, mountain bike and e-bike tours

Go karts

Water sports

Air sports

Rock & tree Climbing

Ice skating rinks


What to do during your stay

Discover all that our region has to offer through sports, leisure, and fine dining. Have a grand day out before coming back to our cosy chalets for a well-deserved rest.

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