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Feeling like shopping?

Luxembourg has a variety of quiet pedestrian shopping districts, exclusive boutiques, shopping malls and town markets offering a broad selection of products and services.
You will be able to window-shop to your heart’s content!

Many supermarkets and shopping centres can also be found on the outskirts of larger towns in Luxembourg.

Taste the delicacies from the local grocers and farmers’ markets, including wine, liqueurs, sparkling wine, smoked meats, and honey!

Shopping in town

  • Shopping in Diekirch (10 km) In addition to delightful hiking and cycling trails, Diekirch offers museums, a lively pedestrian area, a noteworthy old town, charming restaurant terraces with fine dining, a variety of shops and plenty of sports and leisure activities. Diekirch is a great place to unwind.
  • Shopping in Ettelbruck (15 km) The market town of Ettelbruck has a broad range of exclusive stores and is a popular shopping venue. With its narrow and charming alleys, it is the third largest shopping destination in Luxembourg. The town is home to a number of boutiques, restaurants, bistros, cafés and ice cream parlours with outdoor seating.
  • Shopping in Echternach (25 km) Echternach has a resolutely European character and offers much more than shopping to delight its visitors. Escape to Echternach, the oldest town in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • Shopping in Luxembourg (50 km) Welcome to the premier destination for shopping in the Grand Duchy.
    Luxembourg City is home to more than one thousand retailers and artisans.
    Discover the diversity of Luxembourg’s smaller and larger retailers selling goods in all price ranges and take a stroll through the old town for a unique shopping experience. The city is home to specialised stores offering tailored advice as well as a range of boutiques offering well-known brands and premium wares.
    Almost all major brands have an outlet in the capital, which features vast pedestrian shopping avenues and numerous boutiques set in historic buildings, conferring an extraordinary elegance to the city’s retail districts.
  • Shopping in Trier (Germany) (50 km) Shopping in Trier is well worthwhile. Arrange to spend enough time in this ancient Roman town. Stroll along its vast pedestrian area and four main shopping high streets. Trier has a variety of international chain stores, shopping malls, retailers, boutiques, and restaurants offering high-quality cuisine.

Weekly markets in the area of Bettel

  • Luxembourg has maintained the heritage of its traditional marketplaces. On the market stalls, local merchants and growers offer quality organic produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, flowers, and spices.
    A weekly market is held in Diekirch every Tuesday from 8:00 am to midday, and in Ettelbruck every Friday from 8:00 am to midday.

Shopping centres in Luxembourg

Supermarkets in the area

  • NAH UND GUT Körperich (D) (1 km)
  • CACTUS Ingeldorf (12 km)
  • NATURATA Biomarkt Erpeldange (12 km)

What to do during your stay

Discover all that our region has to offer through sports, leisure, and fine dining. Have a grand day out before coming back to our cosy chalets for a well-deserved rest.

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Luxembourg has a remarkable range of sporting and leisure activities to offer.

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