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Hearty food for the soul

Chalets Petry is also a dining experience...

Discover our tasty recipes and choice products for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
We can also stock up your chalet’s refrigerator

prior to your arrival, or even cater for you if cooking is not on your agenda.

Chalets Petry - A feast served to your chalet!

A feast served to your chalet!

Back from that long but character-building walk, daring mountain bike ride or improving trek across the countryside and you do not feel like cooking? We can help.

Delightful meals can be delivered directly to your chalet from our kitchens at Hot Stone restaurant (booking required).
We cater for all tastes: fondues, food platters or even salads.

Please note:
Our dishes are always delivered between 6.30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

In the months of September, May and June, our dishes are unfortunately not available on Mondays.

In the months of October, November, December, February, March and April our dishes are unfortunately not available on Mondays and Thursdays.

Unfortunately, our dishes are not available during the following periods:

31.12.2023-08.02.2024 incl.
11.11.2024-28.11.2024 incl.
24.12.2024-25.12.2024 incl.
30.12.2024-13.02.2025 incl.
10.11.2025-27.11.2025 incl.
24.12.2025-25.12.2025 incl.
31.12.2025-12.02.2026 incl.

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Chalets Petry - Refrigerator stock up service

Refrigerator stock up service

Upon request and for a fee (€25 per person), we can stock up your refrigerator prior to your arrival.

We will select appetising sweet and savoury foods and snacks for you to enjoy. You will be in for a tasty surprise!

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Gourmet addresses nearby:

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What to do during your stay

Discover all that our region has to offer through sports, leisure, and fine dining. Have a grand day out before coming back to our cosy chalets for a well-deserved rest.

Chalets Petry - Wellness - A moment just for you

A moment just for you

Escape from it all and treat yourself to a massage by our expert staff.

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Chalets Petry - Sports & leisure

Sports & leisure

Luxembourg has a remarkable range of sporting and leisure activities to offer.

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Take a stroll along Luxembourg’s pleasant and secure shopping districts.

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