Chalets Petry

Emergency measures to prevent the further spreading of coronavirus

In order to stem as much as possible the epidemic of the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) and because the good health of our customers as well as of our employees is absolutely essential, the Management of “Chalets Petry Spa & Relax” confirms to have implemented a series of preventive measures.

The latter are reassessed according to the evolution of the situation and the instructions promulgated by the government.

  1. Communication of risk and preventive measures of personal hygiene and social distancing
    • Our guests are asked to largely refrain from social contacts such as handshakes or hugs as a welcoming ceremony, to wash their hands and / or to disinfect them more often than usual.
    • Guests should wear a face mask if they move outside of their chalet and / or keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from other people.
  2. Additional surface disinfection measures
  3. Strict compliance with the hygienic instructions relating to the jacuzzi
    • According to the current state of knowledge and due to the disinfecting effect of chlorination, corona viruses cannot be transmitted via bath water. Therefore, there is no increased risk of infection in the outdoor hot tub.
  4. Limitation of internal gatherings and physical distance measures
    • Abolition of the breakfast service at the buffet. Breakfast is served in the chalet.

The purpose of these provisions is to mitigate the impact of the epidemic and preserve the health of our employees.

Remaining at your disposal for any further information and assuring you of our deep commitment to limiting this health crisis as much as possible, please accept, dear client, our best regards.